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“We want to look at the right process, operating and reliability information available before any equipment damage and subsequent performance degradation occurs. Oil analysis results are a good source of information as particles will be present in the oil which tells us of a problem well before performance degradation begins.


Overall, we are really curious to see what your report can tell us about our equipment. But there will be one challenge for you. Plant guys always say “Now what”? They have all this information, sophisticated analysis, lots of math, but they really want to know what they need to change to extend the life of their equipment.”

– Head of the Reliability Technology Department of a North-American Chemical Corporation

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Application Profile

Prognostic Report applications in the chemical industry target lifetime maximization of major industrial assets and condition-based maintenance scheduling over a long-term horizon.


  • North American Chemical Corporation


  • Chemical Processing Plant


  • Various horizontal and vertical pumps
  • Coal pulverizer with gearbox

Data Source:

  • Vibration analysis (installed sensors and manual measurements)
  • Lubricant analysis (lab results)
  • Thermal analysis (installed sensors)
  • Electrical condition analysis


  • Optimize scheduled maintenance at long notice
  • Mitigate unscheduled maintenance at short notice
  • Consolidate diagnostic insights from component to system level


  • Cassantec Prognostic Report, with automated data exchange and frequent updates


  • High demonstrated accuracy of results
  • Concise, integrated and decision-oriented report summaries
  • Tangible benefits through optimized maintenance schedules


  • Head of the Reliability Technology Department