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"Cassantec AG has improved our day-to-day plant management and long-term planning by giving us valuable awareness of how our current decisions impact asset operations down the line.

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With their findings, we can take steps today to limit costs and enhance reliability tomorrow."

– Hydropower plant manager of a leading European energy company

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Application Profile

Applications of Prognostic Reports in hydro power plants are targeting Remaining Useful Life (RUL) prognoses with the goal of optimizing the trade-off between maintenance, refurbishments and replacements.


  • Major Swiss Power Corporation


  • Hydro Power Plant, 23 MW


  • Turbines, generators, transformers

Data Source:

  • Vibration analysis (installed sensors)
  • Lubricant analysis (lab results)
  • Thermal analysis (installed sensors)
  • Operational data (RPM)


  • Condition-based maintenance scheduling
  • Equipment lifetime information and malfunction risk estimation
  • Official, standardized equipment inspection and maintenance check


  • Cassantec Prognostic Report


  • Conclusive insights with adequate plausibility
  • Support of recurrent condition monitoring and diagnostic tasks
  • Opportunities to save working time and trouble by skipping maintenance


  • Asset Manager, Hydro