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The story of Cassantec started long before the company was launched. Our proprietary technology, in particular, is based on a novel combination of mathematical techniques that have been around for decades, even centuries. Dr. Frank Kirschnick is credited with combining these into the Cassantec technology.

Our technological advances continue, with many milestones ahead of us. With a myriad of opportunities opened by our technology, we benefit from ongoing innovation trends especially in power plant technology. These include remote malfunction prognostics of wind turbines, advanced reliability standards of combined-cycle gas turbines, and many others. Stay tuned!

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Cassantec's operative management team is consisting of two individuals: Moritz von Plate (CEO) and Frank Kirschnick (CTO).


Moritz von Plate has been leading Cassantec as CEO since March 2013. His responsibilities include strategic positioning, marketing and sales, business and team development and investor relations. Before joining Cassantec, Moritz was Managing Director of Solarlite (Solarlite), an award-winning pioneer in solar thermal power generation. Moritz converted the business from start-up size to Europe's fastest growing cleantech company. Prior to Solarlite, Moritz gathered 7 years of strategy consulting experience with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), with a focus on industrial clients in the chemical, steel and construction material industries.

Moritz holds an MSc degree in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Bonn and an MBA from Georgetown University. He has received several academic awards, including a Rotary Scholarship.


Frank Kirschnick is Cassantec's founder, and led the company through its early phases from 2007 to 2012. He has developed Cassantec's proprietary prognostic solution, validated through pilot projects in the chemical and power industries. In his current role as CTO, Frank is responsible for Cassantec's solution implementation, software development and architecture, technology roadmap and IP protection.

Frank has 20 years of industry and consulting experience with large industrial asset operators and manufacturers, involving development, application and roll-out of software solutions. In 2004, Frank launched Pronéos (Pronéos), an innovation management advisory and software firm with a strong reputation for its knowledge management tools in nuclear power. Prior to Pronéos, Frank was project manager in Arthur D. Little's strategy and innovation practice, leading large project engagements for nuclear power operators and technology system manufacturers.

Frank started out his career at Siemens corporate R&D division in Munich, Germany, in the field of industrial asset optimization through Artificial Intelligence methodology. He holds a MSc degree in Computer Science from the Technical University in Munich and MSc and PhD degrees in Engineering Economic Systems from Stanford University. Frank has received doctoral fellowships from Siemens and Bayer, and academic distinctions from Stanford University.

Cassantec's operative management team is supported by an international advisory board, comprising accomplished entrepreneurs, with strong understanding of Cassantec's technological capabilities, value proposition and target markets.