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We appreciate your clear indication of where your core competency is and where it is not. We already have ample in-house competencies in vibration and lubricant analysis, which we utilize thoroughly. We are very aware of a competitive external market for services and technologies in these fields. Hence, we were a little skeptical before you came to present. Yet, we understand you focus on the consolidation and the further processing of results from these analyses, which may eventually allow us longer-term planning and refined understanding of our equipment.


This is indeed an interesting field – more than a niche – where we will consider working with you.

– Head of Operations Control
of a Major European NPP Operator

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Application Profile

Applications of Prognostic Reports in NPPs target enhanced and refined diagnostics, as well as formal prognostics over a short-term horizon. Also, the Prognostic Report serves as a formal means of communication among experts and with management and legislators.


  • European NPP Operator


  • PWR, 1200 MW


  • Cooling tower fans and gearboxes
  • Feed water and condensate pumps

Data Source:

  • Vibration analysis (installed sensors)
  • Lubricant analysis (lab results)
  • Thermal analysis (installed sensors)
  • Pressure data
  • Flow data


  • Refine understanding of asset conditions and malfunction modes
  • Evaluate scope, quality, and frequency of condition data collection
  • Consolidate diagnostic views of different condition data sources


  • Cassantec Prognostic Report, with associated review of condition
    parameters and malfunction modes


  • Refined formulation of asset condition parameters and alarm levels
  • Extended alarm information and response time
  • Single diagnostic view of the asset conditions at system level


  • Technical Director of the NPP
  • Corporate Head of Operations Control