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"Our diagnostic capabilities are unrivalled with experience from global operations. However, we have not yet tackled the step towards prognostic foresight.

hydro power plant

Matching the Cassantec Prognostics with our internal know how helps us maximize the benefits from our data."

– Project Manager, Well Services Surface Equipment Technology of a global services company

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Application Profile

Applications of Prognostic Reports in upstream oil & gas operations are focusing on improving asset health diagnostics and prognostics. The goal is to optimize the trade-off between the assets' health and the effort to maintain the same.


  • Major International Oil & Gas Services Corporation


  • Blenders for hydraulic fracturing operations


  • Proppant mixers

Data Source:

  • Mixer speed
  • Suction pressure
  • Discharge pressure
  • Discharge and solids rates


  • Condition diagnostics for different assets in the fleet
  • Malfunction prognostics at varying operating set-points


  • Cassantec Prognostic Report


  • Improved asset-health prognostics
  • Support of recurrent condition monitoring and diagnostic tasks
  • Opportunities to optimize asset maintenance work


  • Project Manager, Well Services Surface Equipment Technology