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The operational integration of a Prognostic Report:

After the configuration of our computational solution for mission-critical assets, relevant malfunction modes and available condition and process data, we are set to provide Prognostic Reports on a regular and ongoing basis. To guarantee high operational efficiency, the data download, transfer and consolidation from operators' assets to our computational solution should be fully automated. This requires a data handling capability that adjusts to the different types of condition monitoring hardware and software that operators are using.


For vibration monitoring, in particular, we can provide automated data download and transfer devices for a number of standard vibration monitoring asset vendors. Lubricant analysis results are typically provided electronically for easy online transfer in longer reporting periods, usually once a month, in a standard data format defined by the lubricant lab.

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Your operational effort is minimized through our adjustable, automated data download, transfer and consolidation capabilities. Our prognostic solution is constructed in such a way that it does not interfere with your operations. Thereby, you can focus on the insight and foresight of our Prognostic Reports to achieve the highest benefits for your continuous operations. We can scale and adjust the automated data consolidation processes according to the following factors:

  • The type of condition data considered for each asset
  • The number of condition data sources considered per asset
  • The update frequency of the condition data provided
  • The update frequency of the Prognostic Report requested

Updated Prognostic Reports can be provided through our online Prognostic Portal, with navigation, search, and download functions that can be securely accessed on the Internet. The report review process typically involves a reliability manager, possibly passing on portions of the report to in-house unit or component engineers or technical specialists.

A periodical review session allows operators to provide feedback to Cassantec, and to jointly explore improvement potential regarding condition data types and sources, the choice of condition parameters and malfunction modes considered, and the reporting scope and frequency.

While an on-site review session is scheduled once a year, ongoing personal contact is maintained through weekly, monthly, or quarterly feedback calls.

The operational cycle of Prognostic Report update, use and feedback.