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"Initially, we were hesitant about our data quality and applicability, fearing that it may not suffice for Cassantec's advanced algorithms.

Dubai Metro Railway

During the cooperation we learned that Cassantec's models are robust enough to handle our data, while also helping us prioritize those areas where additional data would bring the biggest benefits."

– Head of Maintenance Division

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Application Profile

Applications of Prognostic Reports in fleet of trains are targeting tear & wear prognostics with the goal of optimizing the timing of maintenance and repair work.


  • European National Railway Operator


  • Intercity


  • Diesel Power Packs

Data Source:

  • Vibration analysis (installed sensors)
  • Lubricant analysis (lab results)
  • Binary temperature data (installed sensors)
  • Operational data (RPM, electrical data)


  • Condition-based maintenance scheduling
  • Malfunction risk estimation


  • Cassantec Prognostic Report


  • Conclusive insights with adequate plausibility
  • Support of recurrent condition monitoring and diagnostic tasks
  • Increase availability through maintenance planning with longer advance notice


  • Head of Maintenance Division