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“We are looking for a standardized, scaleable diagnostic solution for our wind turbines based on state-of-the-art technology. This solution should have a well-structured graphical interface, provide plausible condition insights and conclusive service recommendations.


We appreciate diagnostics with foresight, as this allows us to better coordinate inspections and repair activities in the wind park.”

– Technical Coordinator of a Euro-Asian Manufacturer of Mid-sized Wind Turbines

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Application Profile

Prognostic Report applications on wind farms are targeting a workable diagnostic integration and prognostic enhancement of remote condition monitoring, as well as condition-based maintenance scheduling and coordination.


  • Euro-Asian Manufacturer of Mid-sized Wind Turbines


  • 50 MW Wind Farm


  • Wind turbines, with gearboxes and generators

Data Source:

  • Vibration analysis (installed sensors, wireless data transfer)
  • Lubricant analysis (installed wear particle sensor, wireless data transfer)


  • Complete, integrated and workable diagnostic solution
  • Prognostic foresight supporting maintenance coordination
  • Condition database for long-term optimization of critical components


  • Cassantec Prognostic Report, one per wind turbine, with automated
    real-time data feed, as part of diagnostic panel


  • Operator’s positive feedback on diagnostic capabilities
  • Effective tool to minimize overall maintenance costs
  • Approach to support long-term equipment component optimization


  • Strategic Investor
  • Technical Advisor and Coordinator

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